Neighbors Working Together

In early 2016, Lyn-Lake resident & business owner Morgan Luzier approached us with a vision of creating a residential building in the heart of her 'hood. There was just one caveat: the available lot was abandoned and heavily polluted. Working closely with Morgan and other neighbors, the lot on which Lyndy now stands was fully cleaned and transformed into what you see today: an art-filled beacon overlooking the Midtown Greenway. With great design, walkable outdoor space, and colorful murals, Lyndy is a testament to what can happen when neighbors work together!

Solhavn Solhavn


In 2008, environmentalist Curt Gunsbury gathered the support of six college friends to create Solhem—a green rental apartment building in Uptown Minneapolis. When longtime North Loop resident Robb Miller (TE Miller Development) approached the team to bring the Solhem concept to the North Loop, a second property, Soltvå, came to life. Two more North Loop properties followed: Solhavn (a sister property to Soltvå) and Nolo Flats (the team's first foray into micro-apartments).

Robb & Curt reconnected again in 2017 to bring their energy to the Midtown Greenway with Lyndy. Inspired by the Greenway and the vibrancy of Lyn-Lake, Lyndy is an homage to its location—a bright, art-filled oasis in the heart of a bright, art-filled neighborhood.