We take sustainability seriously at Lyndy. Our green apartments adjacent to the Midtown Greenway include:

Passive solar design

Brings the sunshine into your home while lowering your heating bills in winter

High efficiency full size washers, dryers in every unit

Use less detergent and less water while extending the life of your favorite pair of jeans

LED lighting systems

Our energy-saving LED lighting systems minimize costs while providing a cozy glow

Low VOC paint

Provides for healthy walls, healthy lives, and superior air quality

Organic trash disposal

Composting food scraps (& more!) has never been easier

A reflective membrane roof for energy efficiency

Helps cool our little urban oasis while reducing the need for more electricity to run our air conditioners

Metro Transit accessibility

Work Downtown? Route 4 has you there in 17 minutes. Student at the U? You're at the East Bank via Route 113 in a mere 15!

Electric car charging

Add hundreds of miles overnight with our 220V chargers

Native trees & grasses

Bur Oaks and native Minnesota grasses beautify our corner of the neighborhood while providing refuge for the birds & bees

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Lyndy is a green, sustainable rental community at the crossroads of the Whittier and LynLake neighborhoods